Butts McGee asked me to furnish him with bleach to make his pubes a gorgeous, flowing flaxen shade, just like mine.
~Lady Schwartz

I furnished my team, Sequins Penis, with flaxen wigs, adhesive eyelashes, and one-size-fits-all merkins so that we could finally beat our undefeated rivals, The Wrinkled Weiners, at our town’s third annual co-ed, East vs. West strip-off.

-Gladys Potter

In happier times, Mr. Diapers was the famed spokesman of Ne’er You Minds, who furnished him with nearly 70 sets of the coveted product, ranging in colors and fabrics. Currently in his perpetual state of rock bottomness, Diapers now owns a dozen simple, flaxen Ne’er You Minds, but still continues to wear them like a champion.

–Cindy Crawfoldton

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One Response to Flaxen/furnish

  1. wrightless smalls says:

    I will furnish you with a sweater made of flaxen pubes of a freshly shorn albino.

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