Haverfrank knew better than to analyze his mother’s vesuvian, explosive rage, and he knew even better than to take her abuses to heart, as there was no getting around it: he had stolen her mink-seal stole and wore it as a loincloth in his drag show, A Midtown Fairy’s Summer’s Nocturnal Emission. 

Cindy Capleton

On my first day as a licensed psychotherapist I was eager and ready to analyze my first patient, town hobo Mr. Diapers. My pencils were sharpened, my notebooks were open and my glock was fully loaded just in case his vesuvian temper got the best of him and he tried to stuff me in his carpetbag.

~Lady Schwartz

Don’t try to analyze a vesuvian butt. Simply accept that farts make the world go ’round.
-Gladys Potter

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One Response to Vesuvian/analyze

  1. wrightless smalls says:

    Annie Sprinkle’s twat became vesuvian with over four women working on it, one cannot analyze this transformation of individuals into one machine like unit as they all worked by hand, vibrator and dildo to achieve the urban ‘legend’ of female ejaculation.

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