I had to forfeit the chess match due to my distracting and uncontrollable woolgathering about Twix bars.
-Gladys Potter

For whatever reason, my new hire at the club decided to indulge in too much woolgathering and too little stripping and so had to forfeit all those great tips I promised her.

~Lady S.

This morning, I was forced to forfeit my Scientific Calculator as a punishment for woolgathering about chocolate cheesecake in my Economics class. His loss–that calculator was a hot item bought on the Freshman black market anyway.

–Zindy Capleton 

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One Response to Woolgathering/forfeit

  1. wrightless smalls says:

    I forfeit my dignity, I’m shrouded in shame that encompasses my body like an afghan knit by my deceased woolgathering grandmother, shades of bright pink and orange, scratching my naked and pointless body.

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