Because he spent too much time watching Golden Girls instead of studying the required autobiographical reading material, Bruce failed his cumulative exam on the life and times of famed gadabout, Estelle Getty.
-Gladys Potter

The cumulative effects of the gadabout’s incessant running around – which, incidentally, included herpes and at least one instance of being rolled by a ho – made him wonder if becoming an ascetic was maybe a good idea.

~Lady Schwartz

Everyone’s favorite fun-loving vagabond gadabout, Nerkin the Narwhal, was spending his free time–as usual–frolicking around for a bit of cumulative fun. Things were going well for him until he stumbled upon a keg party thrown by some spiny sea urchins, who gave him some PCP and left him to roam the streets alone.

–Cindy Capleton 

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One Response to Gadabout/cumulative

  1. wrightless smalls says:

    What do you ask a gadabout? About the cumulative nature of shoe collecting.

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