Sunday for the Longshanks-Capleton family was spent watching a matinee viewing of Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, sipping a sapid coffee called “Bespectacled Spectacular Bear,” (flown all the way to New York from Colombia and named after famed circus performer, Willie Nelson the Black Bear with Square Frames) and weeping into bowls jars of candy.

–Cindy Capleton


The matinee – an early viewing of the risk-taking theatrical production “O Brother, Where Fart Thou?” – included a wine-tasting during intermission. The sapid top notes of leather and buttsweat complemented the pleasant and subtle aromas of deer hooves and Nutter Butters and all around made for a very drunk second act.

~Lady Schwartz

Only at The Ass Arthouse’s matinee screening of Mr. Pooper’s Peepee could you find a menu of specialty hotdogs and sapid lemonade served by lizards in bikinis.

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One Response to Sapid/matinee

  1. wrightless smalls says:

    My hopes to accomplish many great things today were dashed by last night’s sapid festivities, instead of crafting and calisthenics I find myself paralyzed by an endless matinee of Boston Legal and battery operated self care.

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