After dieting for 3 days, Wrinkles the show pony had no choice but to resort to rapine, leaving his coach in manacles at the stable until every last Twinkie at the corner deli went down his gullet.
-Gladys Potter

Those closest to Wrinkles knew that his uncontrolled act of rapining his coach’s secret stash–Bon Bons, Twinkies, and bags of pure, uncut sugar–was a cry for help. After gorging for 5 hours straight, Wrinkles used his guilt as a manacle from the outside world, and shut himself up into his apartment for an entire week. 

–Cindy Capleton


After Houdini unlocked the manacles that kept him trapped in a tiny box for three days (he finally pooped the key he swallowed the week prior), he approached the world with a new outlook: to live by the principles of rapine and instead of passively wait for his agent to find him a tiny box to smash his body into, he would seize the next available large box and lock himself in that.

~Lady Schwartz

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