After being struck by lightning twice in one week, Mr. Funnyshoes–born full of vim and gumption–metamorphosed into a distant fey wizard of sorts, indiscriminately slapping people in the face, overeating, and casting spells with an evil eye.
-Gladys Potter

I was pleasantly surprised to see my neighborhood bum, Mr. Diapers, looking fey in an an ascot and coattails yesterday morning, walking in a jaunty manner whilst swinging a golden cane. I asked him why he was so full of vim and he replied, while throwing up, “Blarg. Mefff.” And then I went to work, confused but happy for him.

~Lady Schwartz

Mr. Diapers, formely known as Sir Diapers Flufferstein, was quick on his toes and swift in his prances, giving his already fey nature an extra boost of vim, vigor, and bitchiness.

–Cindy! Capleton!

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