“You’ve got a panache that makes my butt orbit around the sun,” Lady Mendl said to her date, which she immediately regretted, realizing (and perhaps dating in general) wasn’t for her.
-Gladys Potter

After a dry spell I made it my business to adopt the best qualities of each of the Golden Girls in order to attract the opposite sex.  Between Sophia’s wit and panache, Blanche’s come-hither confidence, Dorothy’s mannish charm and Rose’s charming naivete, men will orbit around me like a fly around a turd.

~Lady Schwartz

I thought I was going to impress everyone with my intergalactic, over the top panache (I wore a solar system-dress with a fully functioning mechanical moon orbit switch and spoke in a 16th century Shakespearian accent on my first day of work), but everyone just thought I was crazy.

–Cindy Crepelton

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