Langford lost all of his tenacious ambition after accidentally seeing Sister Ursula’s nip-slip, thus causing him to revert to his dilatory ways of college yesteryear, in which he left his house half-painted and instead spent the entire weekend in his underpants, drinking curdled milk.

–Cindy Capleton

Better dilatory than never, some say, but I say if you don’t have the ambition to get something done on time, you are no better than the poop of a constipated colonel.
-Gladys Potter


Debbie’s natural inclination was always to be more dilatory than diligent because, as her mama always told her, “who needs ambition when all you need to do to make a buck is put a couple of pasties on and flap your boobs around?”

~Lady Schwartz

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One Response to Dilatory/ambition

  1. Velma Creen says:

    Dilatory tactics, often enough, bring about the demise of our strategic ambition. We, most of us, fall victim to that inability to stay the course (or even plot a course). For some, procrastination is a virtue. Put off until tomorrow, and you’ll always have something to look forward to.

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