Cut the flimflamming and tell it to me straight: do you really think Peewee deserves this promotion or did the big boss just get distracted by her chichi style coupled with her gigantic chi-chis?
-Gladys Potter

“Listen up you little bastard,” Belle overheard Mrs. Potts telling her sequin-wearing youngest, Chip. “I don’t care that it’s all the rage in the West Wing to wear fake nipple rings, and if you flimflam me one more time into giving you money for that chichi nonsense, you’ll be sent to the basement with the rest of the unwanted porcelain!”

I like to go to this chichi little pub down the way – you know, where they flimflam you out of your money by offering two-for-one specials and then watering them down. The only reason I keep going is because the bartender has a midget fetish, and my fetish is people that have midget fetishes.
~Lady Schwartz

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