Once Gaston had his final operation and debuted himself as Gisele, he knew that his aplomb demure would make him confident and mysterious again, that his machismo attitude would finally be appeased, and that he would no longer have to flirt with the town tramps just because everyone expected him to. But first, he needed to find a cancan outfit that would actually fit his chest girth. 

–Cindy Capleton


It’s hard to maintain an overall sense of aplomb when you spend the day in a gorilla suit but, having upset my boss, I needed to appease him by play-acting as a cool, calm and collected primate which was his fetish at the time.

~Lady Schwartz

Peepee didn’t try to appease the spoiled little boy whose ice cream cone her pet snake Alfred had just stolen, but instead she also swiped his hat, put it on Alfred’s head, and walked away in victorious aplomb as a hero to snakes and snake rights activists everywhere.
-Gladys Potter

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