Though Andrew advised against it, Abe had no qualms about taking on a nighttime parergon while presiding over his country in the day, for teaching an improv class at the local theater made him happy and -c’mon- he can handle it: he’s Abraham f%*kin Lincoln.
-Gladys Potter

I have no qualms with adding this gilt framed oil painting of Bart Simpson next to the Mona Lisa; I believe it will make the perfect parergon, and will add a nice, post-modern touch to the old broad. 
–Cindy Capleton



“If any of you have any qualms about this little parergon of mine,” said the psychotic ax murderer of his new lanyard class, “speak now.” He pointed his butcher knife menacingly towards his accomplices. No one spoke. “Fine. Good. Maybe, if you are lucky, I’ll make you a friendship bracelet.”

~Lady Schwartz

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One Response to Parergon/qualm

  1. Velma Creen says:

    Let not a qualm befall you, friend. Ante up that Y chromosome and know that all your other worldy deeds are mere parergon. All is fleeting, and most forgotten.

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