Dale and Felipe argued over whether or not the word proclitic was invented by nerdy wordsmiths to impress each other with obscure, useless, hyperintellectual bullcrap or if it was intended to be used in a pro-sex feminist rallying chant. They finally agreed to disagree and focused instead on learning to use their new hibachi oven.
~Lady Schwartz

Samson and Delilah couldn’t decide on a band name: The Proclitic Pps because of their nerdy love of language and strong feminist beliefs or The Hibachi Balls for their love of Benihana and the great sport of bocce ball.
-Gladys Potter

CINDY CAPLETON, back from delivering babies adds:
 After Frank asked the Spelling Bee judges to use his challenge word in a sentence, he thought he was golden, until Judge Simon Cowell’s response and thick accent completely threw Frank off the entire word: “The proclitic diction found in William Shakespeare’s sonnets make it hard for Americans to understand them.” Frank misspelled the word, cried like a big baby in front of everyone, and in his mind said goodbye to the beautiful hibachi he was sure he’d take home. “Oh well,” he thought. “I’ll have to figure out a different way to heat my bison meat in the mornings.” 

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One Response to Proclitic/hibachi

  1. wrightless smalls says:

    I am totally, unabashadely proclitic; I would throw myself on a searing hibachi sooner than to defame that magical woman bit.

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