Hobson-jobson / starboard

On his first day as Captain in Command for Set To Sail, Louisiana!, Stuart was speechless when his skipper asked him a routine question about the status of the vessel, for he didn’t know that the Down South hobson-jobson word for starboard is dickhole.

-Gladys Potter

Curtis Nips, Captain  of the S.S. Peenafore, stared into the red sky from his post at the ship’s mast. Ribbons of light pulsed towards the glittering horizon and inspired him to make a snap decision: he would abandon his route and turn starboard towards the mysteriously named Isle of Man. Once there it took him three weeks to stop using a sort of hobson-jobson and finally realize that the natives, in fact, spoke proper English. At this time he also realized that “Isle of Man” is not a euphemism for “we’re all gay,” so he came home slightly embarrassed but certainly a little wiser about self-governing British Crown Dependencies.

~Lady Schwartz

Cindy Capleton was crying in her bathroom due to the earthquake, but is making it up to you today by posting pictures of some cute dogs. 

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One Response to Hobson-jobson / starboard

  1. wrightless smalls says:

    Shelly Duval positioned herself just so on the starboard, her petticoats (dozens upon dozens of them) fanning out like layers of fabric labia, framing her vertical grin just so to smile demurely at Ted Dansen’s engorged hobson-jobson.

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