Captain Poop arrived on the newly discovered island of Underpantsia and struggled mostly with the indigenous people’s polysemous body language, never knowing if their waves meant hello or goodbye, so he just assumed they meant pillage and that’s just what he did.
-Gladys Potter

“On this next slide we see a picture of the elusive Poop Clam, indigenous to the waters of the 69th parallel.  Great thinkers oft meditate on why this clam looks so much like a freshly laid turd and yet houses within its shell a perfect glowing pearl.  The dichotomous and complex existence of this rare creature shall be the topic of your next assignment: Poop Clam, polysemous muse to poet and philosopher alike.”

~Lady Schwartz

Cindy Capleton was in labor yesterday but promises to personally make it up to you all somehow, someday.

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One Response to Polysemous/indigenous

  1. Dr Banana says:

    Oh he did enjoy watching the indigenous musical groups. The primitive horn players puffing their cheeks and going red in the face, the drummers pounding their goat skinned tubs while looking skyward and the gong player always missing his cue from the frantic but polysemous waving of the conductor who always seemed to be eating a meal.

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