Chubbs decided it was time to mundify his old ways to really make his mark on the world, so he hung up his clown suit, threw away his hula hoop, repudiated Dingy and Bobo, looked at himself in the mirror and said, “Get ready for Perry, America. He’s running for office.”
-Gladys Potter

Dear Journal,
I simply cannot wait to repudiate myself from this god damn office, especially this god damn desk neighbor who was assigned to shadow me in early March…her hum-singing, relentless self-ramblings, scab and wedgee picking, and overall being have made my life hell for the past 154 days, and I am truly looking forward to mundifying myself from all further associations with this god forsaken place.
Love Always,
Bill Clinton

Wendy’s attempt to repudiate her sordid history was sincere but a failure; having limited marketable skills she could not completely mundify herself of her past as a prostitute. Never at a loss for good old-fashioned moxie, Wendy donned a red nose and size 14 clown shoes, took on the moniker “Hooker with a Fart of Gold’ and put her only other skill to use in what was to become the greatest clown whore show on earth.

~Lady Schwartz

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2 Responses to Mundify/repudiate

  1. Dr Banana says:

    “Silence!” snapped the withered old medicine man who looked a bit like Keith Richards. “Once the mundification process has begun, he must hear no voices of this world or he may repudiate his spiritual guide and drift mistakenly into the valley of nincompoops where he could catch Saturday night fever”. There was an urgency in his eyes as he spoke, and a terribly pungent stench from his blue stained mouth. “Your breath smells like poop” James couldn’t help but reply. “B’aaaaaaaah” said the Keith Richards medicine man, exhaling right in Jame’s face. It was not the desired response and James fell to the ground and began to break-dance immediately.

  2. wrightless smalls says:

    Twelve rum and cokes later, I want nothing more than to repudiate from my very own self; I seek to mundify with the back end of toothbrush and a family dollar plastic bag, hiding in my closet in fear that my parents will hear me retching over the sounds of ani difranco singing on my cassette deck.

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