If you walk ten paces past the pine, take a sharp right after the badger den, and head straight into the willowwacks behind the Longshanks family manor, you will find–ever so lightly etched–Sir Pumpkin’s personal emblem carved into the soft wood of a teenaged cherry tree: two pineapples dancing in the nude with a banana and an alien dog.

–Cindy Capleton



As Gregory wandered the streets of New York City, his face examining the shapes and sounds of the bustle – so different than the amaranthine quiet he so enjoyed when he lived alone in the willowwacks – he realized just how much he had to readjust to life amongst society again.  Horns bleat like dissonant trumpets, voices weave a constant nonsense refrain, it was all so overwhelming…luckily Gregory had, in his pocket, an emblem of his peaceful time in the forest and he reached for it now – a tiny pair of pointy shoes worn by a little gnome named Steve who kindly taught him the ways of the animals and the plants, and kept him company when nights got…lonely.

~Lady Schwartz

I realize I’m starting to sound like a bumpkin from the willowwacks with all my subway station complaints, but I think it’s time for the MTA to get rid of the usual blue E, and orange B, and D decals on the 7th Ave and 53rd Street station entrance and replace with the following more honest emblems of what you’ll find there: piece of human shit in a blue circle, a homeless man taking a piss in an orange circle, and a roach mounting a rat in the other orange circle.
Gladys Potter

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2 Responses to Willowwacks/emblem

  1. Dr Banana says:

    Simple folk live in the willowwacks, our moto is “ooo arrrr” and our emblem is that pile of fertilizer o’er there, behind our councilman, Jeff’s brother.

  2. wrightless smalls says:

    I would have been lost and dead in the willowwacks had it not been for my clans emblem, the outline of a sow swollen with feces and mutant offspring, plastered upon rocks and trees guiding my way to our encampment deep in the thrushes.

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