After being overslaughed again by his jealous bosses, Mervin had given up all hope (if they want to deprive him of every chance to move up the ranks and finally become the showgirl he was born to be, then they could all just go to hell), started his own Royally-themed drag show, and was crowned Queen of the Year for his colorful performance, “Marie Antoinette at the Guillotine.”

–Cindy Capleton

After spending most of his 5-year career at Machines, Machines, Machines discount depot high as a kite, surfing the interweb, and making himself invisible to customers, Smitty wasn’t surprised when his boss decided to overslaugh him for the Machine Inventory Management position; however, he never guessed that his lackluster performance was punishable by guillotine…but, alas, to fight it wasn’t in his nature, so off went his head.

-Gladys Potter

“I cannot bzzzzzzzzzzz believe they oversloughed me and chose that bitch bzzzzzzzz as our new queen,” complained Gary Bee to Jerry Bee at the crowning ceremony. “I have worked my bzzzzzzzzz ass off trying to impress these idiots. Bzzzzz word around the hive is that she’s into corporal punishment,- guillotines and stuff. Well, is this bzzzzzz a punishable offense??!!” Gary Bee then turned and mooned her in anger. He was never seen again.

~Lady Schwartz

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3 Responses to Overslaugh/guillotine

  1. Velma Creen says:

    T’was presumptuous of her to assume Guillermo would accept her, and overslaugh his solitude in her favor. He had as lief aspire to the guillotine. His libido had long since been abandoned and acquiescence was not forthcoming. Nevertheless, she endeavored to ply her wiles. Relentless efforts to seduce him were to no avail. Tiring of her persistence, he conceded: “Pray thee, cease! You may stay; but, only to assist in folding the sheets. Otherwise, you are beneath my notice.”

  2. Dr Banana says:

    Priscilla had the unusual penchant for opening all her mail with a full sized replica of an 18th century french revolutionary guillotine she kept crammed into her tiny cubicle. Many believed this to be the reason she was constantly overslaughed by the bosses. Others believed it was the dance she did religiously at 11:53 every Tuesday morning, which involved rapping on the sides of her head while doing squat jumps to the sounds of ‘They call me Mister Boombastic, Semi-Fantastic’. I personally put it down to nothing more than blatant sexism.

  3. wrightless smalls says:

    He sought to overslaugh me for a masturbation sleeve, the bastard, my purse was so dry and disregarded, I sought consolation in the guillotine, as my split beaver seemed to be sealing itself together into a useless and ambiguous plane, flat and depressing as the midwest I was bound for.

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