Petunia turned on c-span, her brain immediately flooded by aesopian speeches and inane diatribes, and had no choice but to quickly turn it off, for if she were to actually scrutinize the words of her leaders and fellow countrymen, she may have had to defenestrate herself in disgust.

-gladys pp

Ever the space case of a fool, Cindy Capleton was notorious for overlooking tiny details (such as the time and location of Shakespeare plays), acknowledging uncomprehendingly even the most aesopian, child-like hints, and accidentally setting ovens on fire. Unable to scrutinize the most basic of Family Circus comics, he quit business school and became a carney.

–Cindy Capleton


Peg McPanties scrutinized the heavy duffle bag she found in the back of her husband Steve’s closet.  Afraid to ask him about it in a direct manner, she took a more aesopian approach and implied that she may or may not have found something he may or may not have hidden from her. He got the drift, grabbed the duffle bag and emptied its contents on the kitchen table. She was quite relieved to find that it was only 25 pounds of crystal meth, not candy bars and twizzlers as she had feared – they were on the Atkins Diet after all.

~Lady Schwartz

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One Response to Aesopian/scrutinize

  1. wrightless smalls says:

    Smalls opted not to scrutinize the young man’s comments that seemed surely to be leading towards more than what she had bargained for, besides asking too much of me, I must lay a blind eye to them purely on principle, as one cannot be so aesopian with me, I need blunt force and complete absence of subtlety.

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