Mariah Carey has charmed us all for years with her melismatic daydream, canorous dreamlover, and melodious vision of love, but Carey-oke brings a bewitching kind of je ne sais pas to the MC songbook that can lift any spirit from gravitas to groovytas.
-Gladys Potter

As soon as the melismatic, groovy San Francisco sounds of Jefferson Starship began to blare from the speakers, Herman began to tap his toes. And suddenly, for the first time in Herman’s life, he was dancing–quick, jarring movements, feet stomping like a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s, arms flailing like Icarus’s the first time he tried to fly, dancing by himself, just like Billy Idol–or so we thought. It wasn’t until he began to foam at the mouth that we realized Herman was having a seizure.

–Cindy Capleton


“It was crazy, man. The shrimp in their round plastic thing? For parties? They all stood up – seriously! – and started singing a Whitney Houston song. But better, like,  even more melismatic than Whitney. Like crazy vocal gymnastics. So we all just got down and danced, we were like hey, if a frozen shrimp ring is going to get up and sing, then I’m gonna get up and dance, you know? Shrimp! And then I dropped another tab of acid. It was a groovy party.”

~Lady Schwartz

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One Response to Melismatic/groovy

  1. wrightless smalls says:

    Chairman’s wailing cries were melismatic, he was rocking the pencil factory OUT y’all, stinks slinked around like a drunken chorus girl and the psychadelic dance party was so damn groovy I saw the shadow of an old friend known with a substantial gerth and a mean slapping paw swaying through the smoke.

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