Millie attempted to feign composure, but the conspicuous bulge in her pants revealed to the other circus performers that her first time on the trapeze in front of a crowd had truly scared the shit out of her.

-Gladys Potter

Eliot George feigned composure when realizing that for the second time in a week, her air conditioner was still unfixed: her blatantly conspicuous caterwauls and screams of frustration could be heard throughout Astoria and echoed all the way to The Pencil Factory in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

–Cindy Capleton 



Eddie did his best to feign a sense of poise, but when five o’clock struck his knees quaked under his unwashed jeans and his brow became dewy with a pungent sweat. Every day at five o’clock two conspicuous, long shadows emerged on the sidewalk, shadows that stretched  like rubber bands as they advanced towards the deli, the sun just beginning to descend. Eddie awkwardly tidied up and did his best not to watch in silent horror as from the shadows emerged two bloodied ghosts…named Miles and Charlie.

~Lady Schwartz

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2 Responses to Feign/conspicuous

  1. Velma Creen says:

    Forgive my conspicuous exploitation of your graciously provided space. Until a more suitable outlet if found, I shall feign ignorance of your light-hearted intent. I pray detente will be forthcoming, but I never could, nor can I now, schmooze that well.

  2. wrightless smalls says:

    I couldn’t feign nonchalance, my bodily mishap was nothing if not conspicuous, and I was unable to figure out how to go unnoticed while I shook the turd through my pant leg and tried to toss it out the bottom towards Shujie.

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