“You’ve got a lot of god damn gumption, calling me in the middle of my workday,” Don Johnson screamed into his cell phone. “I’m in the middle of an expense hubbub bigger than your ass and up to my dick in spreadsheets!”

–Cindy Capleton

Polly couldn’t understand what all the hubbub was about; she for one always knew Jimmy had the gumption and guts (and crooked campaign manager) to “win” the first grade election for month-of-August line leader.
-Gladys Potter

It was hard to hear Frankie Chuckletoes yelling amidst the hubbub of the Krazytown riots: “You may have brass balls, but you don’t have the gumption,”  he challenged in front of the local 99-cent store. Freddy Poop, never one to back down from a dare, replied, “I had these brass balls implanted where my testicles used to be for a reason, Chuckletoes,” as he dry humped the plate glass window. His metal balls smacked against it until it cracked, and they stole all the generic bar soap they could carry.

~Lady Schwartz

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