Dear Diary,

6 months and no word of the outside world, no crumble of hope to be seen. I have filed down one link on the chain that binds me to my desk and cube—90 until I reach my freedom. I entered this agreement a young and vivacious man, and now all I have left are the remnants of my bitter, futilitarian, broken mind.  At first, my rambunctious nature stirred my dead, ghostly feelings, but now I am left with neither faith nor fancy–no promise or endurance or reward. And as the last particles of emotion seep from my decaying soul, I wonder, Diary: will Water Street be the death of me?

Yours truly,

–Cindy Michael Capleton

Drifting through the futilitarian flood of rambunctious youth, straight-faced nobodies, and unexpressive sleepwalkers, I stay afloat only by the sound of distant singers in my headphones, saving my deciduous brain from drowning.
-Gladys Potter

I, Danny the Dolphin, do solemnly swear that I will control myself from this point on.  I will channel my rambunctious energy into more useful pursuits, and I plan to lay the groundwork for deeper, more meaningful relationships with lady dolphins.  And men dolphins. You that judge me may believe my attempt to embrace a new, less violent worldview is silly, futilitarian, even false. But as surely as the leaves of deciduous trees turn from green to red to orange and yellow, I too am capable of change.  Maybe.

~Lady Shwartz

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2 Responses to Futilitarian/rambunctious

  1. Velma Creen says:

    Twofer (a stretch)
    Intuitive and thoughtful, Theresa was able to see through my charade and was appalled at my diminished libido. She has offered to sacrifice herself in an attempt to redeem me from oblivion. I don’t believe she will stonewall me, but so few till a Terry, ‘n’ I’m rambunctious over the prospect. I pray the experience will not convert me into a transparent porn junkie (hhmmm, X-Ray Ted).

  2. wrightless smalls says:

    While I liked Shamus’ rambunctious spirit, our conversation delved into his futilitarian beliefs and things got ugly, he attacked my dreams to the point of desecration, I left bleeding and raw, like my anal pore.

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