“Come on, bro!!!!” screamed Sir Pumpkin Longshanks. “You’re cock-stonewalling me from that hot Asian girl, and she wants me! I don’t care what the X-rays say, she’s too pretty to have a schlong!” 

–Cindy Capleton

The X-ray lit the room like the moon on a peaceful pond, but neither Malcolm nor Winifred  felt peace, for the diagnosis was certain now: they stared in shock and sadness at the empty hollow spot behind Malcolm’s rib cage, which had once burned brightly with the light of his heart but had been stonewalled in its tracks by relentless years spent dedicated to not love but rather work, news, image, and blues.

-Gladys Potter

After using his x-ray vision to see under Lady Dickly’s leotard, Superman was forced to stonewall her advances.  Yet he couldn’t help but admire her sweet tuckjob.

~Lady Schwartz

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One Response to Stonewall/X-ray

  1. wrightless smalls says:

    Desmond used whatever means necessary to stonewall his xray; anything to keep dr. solipsis from finding out about the severed robot penis residing in his lower intestine.

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