Thankfully, Daniel the Dolphin’s silver tongue and quick wits makes him very convincing, almost intoxicating, and lady dolphins (sometimes male: who cares, why not?!) are always faced with an aporia of a decision: is it really their civic duty to let Daniel mate with them? However, in their seconds of trying to figure out whether or not young Daniel was telling the truth (how could he not? He’s so vivacious, so persuasive), these lady dolphins (sometimes male: who cares, why not?!) find themselves already pregnant with Daniel’s evil seed. 

–Cindy Capleton

Jesuschrist. Here I am up to my ass in aporia again. This one is all vivacious and bubbly, this one’s regally quiet and proud, the other has got three tails and is already neutered …fuck! every time I come to the rescued hog shelter, I’m pulled in so many emotional directions…fine, I’ll take all three.
-Gladys Potter

You ask where I stand. The answer? Peoria. The state that I’m in? Illinois, or aporia. What to do? Or to say? For an answer I’d be gracious. I’m puzzled. In a cornfield. But at least I’m vivacious.

~Lady Shwartz


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3 Responses to Aporia/vivacious

  1. a..e..i..o..u and sometimes v says:

    Although an amassing of agitating and anxious emotions is often akin an aporia, instead of obsessing on allegorical analogies of absurdity –as is our inclination– an epiphany approached and our antagonism abated, illuminated under an aura of vivacious aspirations and apoplexy.

  2. Velma Creen says:

    Mad men masterfully use very vivacious visuals. Beautiful blondes and brunettes abound in smartphone ads, convincing mush-minded males to: “Buy this app or ya might find yourself out of touch.”

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