While my dear friends were coshering me at the tea salon and former residence of Lady Mendl (nee Elsie de Wolfe) with flowers, lavender tea, treats, and love, Lady Mendl herself was skirting around in the upstairs rooms, ensuring that a litter of British shorthair blue kittens were nursing and covered in lavish bows and bonnets–the ultimate birthday surprise! 

–Cindy Capleton

In honor of the birth of Cindy Capleton, we shall cosher upon her with gifts of tea and roses, litter the streets with golden glitter to mark her path, and postpone game night until Wednesday to make way for personal training and the spirit of Lady Mendl to fill her heart.

–Gladys Potter

“I decree that the only way to celebrate the birth of Ms. Cindy Capleton is to lavish upon her baths of jasmine, lavender and mint, cosher her with clotted cream, tea cakes and tiny sandwiches, and litter her memory book with references to my ghostly image and my cohort, Michael, whose emporium shall never be seen but yet is always in the distance,” announced Lady Mendl.

~Lady Schwartz

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One Response to Cosher/litter

  1. wrightless smalls says:

    Smalls shat the bed again, her date book littered with commitments that kept her from the right proper fest of capleton’s existence. She longed to cosher upon her compatriot with haribo frogs and sanrio toys, in lieu of this she fashioned a hat forthcoming and a dream withheld.

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