As Stinks embarks upon his third year on earth, he has decided to sacrifice childish diversions in order to focus on his art career; instead of finding him stuffing his face at the cat trough, hitting Chairman in the ass, or taunting overweight pigeons, I find him always at the desk, tirelessly lucubrating to construct intricate mobiles out of stale cat chow and found ribbon.  -Gladys Potter.

During my dark years of obsessive compulsion, you could find me in my dorm room tirelessly lucubrating over a black and white composition book, doing every one of my papers for the entire term in three weeks time at the beginning of a semester. Sleeping, eating, relaxing – those were but ideas hanging from life’s mobile, waving tauntingly above my head, always just out of reach.

~Lady Schwartz

When did my life go so wrong, Paul Revere thought to himself as he sucked on the blunt edge of his quail feather quill, that led me to this? This lucubrating into all hours of night, while my children gaze at their oak wood mobile? Those ungrateful rat bastards. One day, people will speak of my hard work…one day, I will be American royalty. One day, some bitch named Sarah Palin is going to ruin my life’s work…what is the god damn point? 

-Cindy Capleton

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2 Responses to Lucubrate/mobile

  1. Dr Banana says:

    When she saw what I had written she couldn’t help it, her knees seemed to become overly mobile and of no use for steadying herself. Yes, when she saw how I could lucubrate so progressively and finely, she was already mine. And that’s how I met your father, of course he was still a woman back then.

  2. wrightless smalls says:

    I found myself paralyzed by his quill, he lucubrated the words all over my naked body-pervert, whore, sodomizer, mongoloid-until i found myself covered completely with both praise and accusation in that horrifyingly smelling squid ink, I lay still after he stomped off, avoiding mobile actions until the ink dried, running fingers over the appendage that bore the brunt of his moral attack: inconsequential was written down my shaft, over the head and back onto my balls, my member so short in size in contrast to that long word.

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