Though many of the first-graders would have preferred the planetarium, Mrs. Shamenko planned a field trip to the local hog farm; as she droned on about the trials and tribulations of both the farmers and the hogs, Arthur stared up into the cupola, imagining that it was the stomach of a giant monster, who had just eaten them all and Mrs. Shamenko’s wiredrawn speech was the ceremonious sermon that would break them on through to the other side. – Gladys Potter

As Wrinkles McGee boarded the time-travel machine he was forced to listen to a long do’s and dont’s list from a large-eyed hairless space alien – the only being in the year 2152 that knew how to pilot the complex contraption. The next thing Wrinkles knew, he was staring down from a grand Ancient Greek cupola as Plato and Socrates shot bows and arrows into his huge-headed pilot and he knew that somewhere in that wiredrawn list of instructions he had missed something very, very important.

~Lady Schwartz

“We must look like such disproportionate couple, walking down the street together,” I mused aloud to OMR as we strolled through Park Slope, my arm gripping his with a vice-like severity. “With your wiredrawn build and my ninnies the size of a Roman cupola, we certainly are odd.”

–Cindy Capelz

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