Everyone at Tuesday’s naked barbeque ruffled at Hubert’s pecksniffian choice to wear Never-You-Minds on his nipples (even his extraneous third one) AND on the tip of his weiner. Is Hubert of such high moral principle that he must liberally and unnecessarily apply them to his entire nude body? This arrogant display forced the barbeque committee to alter the dress code to no more than a single Never-You-Mind per participant.

~Lady Schwartz And so suddenly without warning my world was altered–the benevolent sky began to melt down the smooth edges of the earth around me, the lone black rabbit in the field gave me a pecksniffian sideways glance, the oncoming traffic multiplied and was covered in flies–for though I had intended simply to enjoy a decadent dessert as a finale to my succulent duck and dandelion greens dinner, I had actually inadvertently indulged in one of my dear friend Pickle’s super famous tab-o-acid brownies.  – Gladys Potter

“Your pecksniffian ways must be altered, for I fear that your mortal soul shall never be the same if you continue to hold yourself as a tyrant,” Captain implored to Elvis’s retreating back. “If you continue to use the living room carpet as an outhouse, Mother Sorel will send us back! You are not the king anymore!” 

–Cindry Caprletronrz

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2 Responses to Pecksniffian/alter

  1. Dr Banana says:

    Unknown to Rupert, Rodney was in the crowd waiting. He knew what would bring down his former class mate and friend. “You Pecksniffian chump!” he cried just at the right moment. It remained the one trigger that would alter Rupert’s calm facade, he always hated being called a Pecksniffian chump. Blinded with rage, Rupert dropped his fine woolen trousers in front of the stunned onlookers and took aim. But the turd lacked power and just dropped to the ground making the most dreadful mess. He knew the election was over for him now, he had indeed been a Pecksniffian chump once again.

  2. We love you, Dr. Banana

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