Leitmotif/inspire (avoirdupois/barbecue)

Each day she daydreamed about being inspired by fancy people at fancy soirees, meeting toothsome suitors at midnight barbecues, and keeping her calendar full of colorfully endless rectangles; however, the only leitmotifs in her adult life comprise a constant struggle with avoirdupois and her neighborhood homeless man’s incessant requests the she be his valentine in spite of it.

-Gladys Potter


Inspired by the naked barbeques that my friend Richard the dog held every Tuesday in the summertime, a leitmotif developed for my enterprising new business: decency and self-respect. Even those of avoirdupois weight needed some form of modest coverup at these soirees, especially when bending over to pick up an errant bun (so to speak). And thus, Never-You-Minds were born.

~Lady Schwartz

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One Response to Leitmotif/inspire (avoirdupois/barbecue)

  1. omr says:

    An 80s teen movie inspired an urge,
    some vertiginous feeling of nostalgia—
    a vigorous serge like a cheerleader’s purge
    as she deals with that dinner you bought her.

    Let’s gather the crew, we can make our own Brat Pack
    we stay tight like avoirdupois.
    I can leave this old grass shack and hoist on my backpack,
    a roaming emperor, like Aeneas from Troy.

    We’ll track down Chris Bradley, and Jeremy too,
    that guy with his new toothsome teeth.
    We’ll gather the crew and we’ll cook barbecue
    as we hum Siegfried’s leitmotif.

    —Omnivorous Mutant Rosebush

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