On an unintentional sojourn to the butcher shop, I was transfixed at the process of sausage-making and spent an inordinate amount of time gaping–open-mouthed–at the head butcher in charge as he created a series of rare delicacies–dolphin sausages molded into the shapes of Never You Minds.

–Cindy Capleton nee Eliot George

As an inordinate admirer of the inventor of Never You Minds,  Fred was first in line to hear her speak at a convention titled “The Anal Invention: Nature’s Treat” (TAINT). His sojourn at the convention also included visits to the Special Genital Olympics Hall of Fame Penis Obelisk as well as a talk on the benefits and risks of camel toe removal given by Quizzle Q. Queinstein.

~Lady Schwartz

Though I once sojourned in the land of healthy living after my doctor called me a big fat pig, it wasn’t before long that I stopped minding her advice and resumed consuming inordinate amounts of beer, Twix, beef jerky, hamburger-flavored snack chips, hamburgers, and all things deep fried.
-Gladys Potter

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2 Responses to Sojourn/inordinate

  1. omr says:

    My sojourn in the Land of the Magical Talking Unicorns was tarnished by Pinkleton Cloudtongue, who was a total dick, and totally vain, and spent an inordinate amount of time grooming himself in the magical kingdom’s one restroom while the rest of us waited for his vain ass, fidgeting.
    –Olivia Mercier Rawley

  2. wrightless smalls says:

    I had to extend my sojourn in New Orleans, of course I still had a bad taste in my mouth but the inordinate decadance of it all soothed that burn; the fried food, the sweet tangy tequila at such easy reach, the ways the tourist girls would prink in the windows, the hoopla of bourbon street and the god mongers elbow to elbow with the heathens amongst a sea of mayonnaise based white sauces, it was as if someone had reached into my dreams and made a muggy swamp land formed from them.

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