Foofaraw/grand slam

Having finally completed the mural on their living room wall, Miles and Charlie considered it a grand slam; however, many influential interior designers and home bloggers have called it appalling foofaraw, oppugning the use of nontraditional media, controversial subject matter, and the literal stench of the work.  – Gladys Potter

Filipinos are notoriously ostentatious, so naturally when decorating my apartment I achieved a grand slam of foofaraw, inspired by Versailles, toile, and 1950s midi skirts—this decoration scheme was naturally dubbed “Rustic Rococo-pium Den of a Baroquen Heart” chic.

–Cindy Caperton

Famed interior designer Claire Montague thought that dipping bowties into glue then covering them with glitter and then building giant sparkly pyramids out of them a grand slam of an idea and just the thing to add some interest to an otherwise bland apartment. However, her detractors mocked what they called an overdone foofaraw fit for only the lovechild of Rick James and Zsa Zsa Gabor. Claire then called it “conceptual art” and was hailed a genius of our time. Oh well.

~Lady Schwartz

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