As I walked through a wave of fungible characters and a thick cloud of delay and cancellation announcements, I didn’t let it frazzle me but instead chose to daydream of former president Kennedy’s ghost on a one-man picket line outside Terminal 8, pleading for the name of this travesty of an airport to be changed. -gladys potter

I have learned in my years of experienced nerdhood that while the parallels between The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter may seem fungible to the masses, they are simply not interchangeable. I often become frazzled reading fanpop posts about how Frodo and Harry are the same, just in different worlds. Sure, they’re both short and stubby, and both have the fate of their respective worlds resting on their backs, and I can’t argue that they couldn’t get through battling dragons, demons, and powerful evil wizards without their friends (human and elvish and dwarfish alike), but they are CERTAINLY not the same.

–Nerd Capleton
Days pass, each less memorable than the last. They blend into one entity, fungible, forgettable, each day an evil twin of the other. My tendency to frazzle decreases as I recall a saying that allows me to accept this fate: like sand through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives.

~Lady Schwartz

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