The overall energy in my current office causes a week-long zeitgeist of hysteria, stress, and attempts to scratch my own eyes out; this morning, moments before this energy drove me over the edge and into possible unemployment, I discovered a bag of half-full coconut M+Ms in my purse–a true godsend, gifted from Wrightless Smalls herself, and was able to poise myself for the day.


The lagoon seemed quiet that day and the spirit of the time was one of peace and tranquility…but under the tides the dolphins’ attempt to enact their own peculiar zeitgeist was in full force. It was all the females could do to maintain their poise under the pressure of a thousand dolphin dicks coming at them from every direction. 

~Lady Schwartz

Though mere hours ago I was walking hand in hand with the zeitgeist of the Greenpoint spring winds, I now sit without an ounce of poise, withering under flourescent lights alongside my sole comrade, the Plant, with whom I am formulating elaborate escape plans.
-Gladys Potter

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