Despite his chauvinist ways and medieval thinking, Daniel the Dolphin was also irenic; when he wasn’t spending his free time raping lady dolphins and escaping the lagoon, he promoted the ways of the dream: a dangerous, albeit new-wave way of thinking. 

Though at times it was difficult to emanate irenic vibes through the great ocean with all her “gregarious” male neighbors bothering her, Danielle the dolphin, Daniel’s younger and equally dream-driven sister, overcame those chauvinists with her wit, positive mental attitude, and grace…and the chastity belt she made from metal scraps and gold pirates’ booty she found in the sunken ship on the east side of the lagoon.
-Gladys Potter

All was well in the vast abyss…and then there were the dolphins. While all the other creatures of the sea floated about in an irenic state of pure serenity…as these innocent beings bobbed this way and that, stopping only to admire the architectural lines of a floating piece of coral…or to admire the incandescent membrane of a jellyfish as it catches the light just so…the dolphins with their chauvinist machismo would swoop in with their human-like boners sticking them in every nook and cranny in the ocean. Especially the mermaids, who were always willing.

~Lady Schwartz

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