This morning, my Secret Touchings inspiration is interrupted by what can only be described as the Great Shindig Insecta of 2011, as the formidable Formicidae family of Northern Brooklyn has found its purlieu in my Toshiba.                -Gladys Potter

During a wild under-ocean shindig wherein acid was placed into each mollusk’s drink by a sneaky seaslug, it was rumored that towards the end when everyone was about ready to swim home, you could hear, faintly, “The world is my purlieu!!!” screamed by an oyster off a rooftop.                        ~Lady Schwartz

Gladys Potter (no relation to Harry)—highly acclaimed sweet singer of sweet songs—is an anomaly, floating serenly in a sea of city chaos.  Her rise to the stage as an artist began when she debuted in Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker.  She continued to rise as an eclectic artist, even dabbling in film (she premiered a series of independently directed and produced films for her school, all of which were greeted with a mountain of praise), and eventually found her way to New York City, and is now at the pinnacle of her career with indie rock band, Old Mill.  Currently residing in Brooklyn with husband Pester Stone and their two cats, Scroggs Elphinstone and Cletus Ewellston, Gladys has made Greenpoint the hottest new purlieu amongst non-squares, and continues to take the stage wherever she goes. Known for her classy,  shindigs, sage wisdom, and kind eyes, Gladys is truly an inspiration to aspiring artists across the globe and encourages all beings to follow their dreams…from the oceans into the skies! 
–Eliot George nee Cindy Capleton

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One Response to Purlieu/shindig

  1. wrightless smalls says:

    Marie Countecunt floated from cinco de mayo fiesta to fourth of july barbecue searching for her place amongst the socialites and drunken cowboys, the shindigs left her anxious and somewhat agitated; it wasn’t until she found herself knees on feet in a puddle of dog piss in the crowded happy paws daycare that she had found her purlieu.

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