Famed interior specialist and inventor of Never-You-Minds, Lady Schwarz is a name that resounds warmly in the hearts and minds of all.  Faced with the near-impossible task of osmosing herself in the city so nice they named it twice, Lady Schwarz’s rise to the top of the design world proved to be imminently kismet.  Now, at the height of her reign, she and her colleagues (namely Sir Pumpkin Longshanks, Wrightless Smalls, Gladys Potter and Jamie Lonwell [who currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her French husband, Jon Stall and their two dogs, Cletus Nuliwedt and Emerson Sannhill]) cast a magnanimous light over skittish new city comers (Mike Schmornoff and myself included), guiding them through the bumps and punches and all New York City has to offer. Without Lady Schwarz—one of the greatest wunderkinds of our time—many would lost.

–Eliot George nee Cindy Capleton

Mary, newcomer to the elks of Western Angola, did her best to just relax and take in all the new customs and practices the kind elks were so eager to show this odd-looking but perfectly nice stranger. Hopefully Mary’s decision to lay back and osmose within this new species would pay off and her naturally skittish ways wouldn’t betray that she is (obviously) a gazelle.

~Lady Schwartz

The skittish young man had grown tired of staring at the washing machine, vociferating at neighborhood birds, sleeping, and eating, and hence decided to osmose completely into the piny and shiny goodness of the holiday season.             -Gladys Potter

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