Renowned drummer and musician, Electronics instructor, recording engineer and an overall sassy Brit, Karl Monty is a polymorphous man of many talents, a jack of all trades.  His presence in the New York City underground music and Electronics scene—a highly sought-after commodity—is valuable, sensitive like woman, and predominantly a friendly benediction!

–Eliot George/Cindy Capleton

Just as I had witnessed Never-You-Minds miraculously metamorphose from idea to realized dream to the most coveted commodity of the 21st century, I unfortunately also witnessed the newly polymorphous Peen Lipkin transition from everyman to renowned inventor to bumptious bitch.

–Gladys Potter

Francesca’s polymorphous breast-shape once caused her great emotional stress as from one day to the next her boobs were rounded then cone-shaped and then, oddly, square – but this all changed one day when the local pimp showed her exactly what a commodity her ever-changing precious lady lumps truly were.

~Lady Schwartz

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