Each morning as I jam my body onto the E train, the G train, the B train, and the elevator, smelling my fellow countrymen more than I’d like, I anneal my restless mind with thoughts of imaginary cow cats exchanging playful repartee, daydreams of heading home to the roof, and excessive consumption of Girl Scout Cookies.   -Jenne

As the young star rose to power, he used his repartee to win debates, thus winning the trust of his voters and fans. Over time, he accrued enough momentum to overtake the city, turning it into a Utopian metropolis, and annealing the city of its crime by increasing beats on an incorrupt police force and lowering metro costs. His name resounds throughout the bustle and flow of our fair city, as his magnanimous reign continues on: Viva Chairman! Viva Chairman! Viva Chairman!


As Philip eavesdropped on the director and his actors’ lively, jocund repartee he shrank behind the curtain and wished that he had quit the theater after all – he’d never be good enough to take part in these playful discussions of dramaturgy the “real” actors engage in. In an attempt to anneal these feelings of self-doubt Philip decided to take Roseanne Barr’s advice to Tom Arnold and simply “enter the room dick first” so he came out from behind the curtain armed with Shakespeare quotes and references to as many medieval plays as he could think of.

~Lady Schwartz

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