When people ask the story of my origins, I never mention the process of evolution. I simply tell them the story of Ponyo, a homunculus Japanese girl who was once a goldfish, and was formed into her human state through magic of Gran Mamare, the Japanese sea goddess, and the true love of Sosuke, the son of a fisherman. While this story is not as straightforward as calculus or physics, and its magical elements may seem like mumbo jumbo, it is the story of how I came to be in this world, and I cannot ever forget my roots.


As a young scholar, Stinks dedicated himself equally to the fervent study of earth sciences, calculus, physics, and chemistry as well as to the habitual use of psychedelic drugs; resultantly, in his adult life as a renowned physicist and professor, he is oftentimes distracted by the suddenly changing colors of his chalkboard and the apparition of a dancing homunculus that belongs only in his laboratory where he created it to test his new time machine.


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