While many women let themselves be confined by subservience and tended to truckle to the control of men, Anna Howard Shaw did the opposite, and caused a frenzy by leading the suffrage movement in the United States–definitely my kinda broad.


Amidst the day’s frenzy of first reviews, linkschecking oversight, and general truckling to the proverbial “man,” I missed not just the beautiful 75 degree day but also nearly forgot to send my word of the day email!

TRUCKLE NOT!!!!!!!!!

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One Response to Truckle/frenzy

  1. peen says:

    Gil was hoping his newfound power would cause the ladies in the office to truckle to his every demand, but the only frenzy caused by his promotion to assistant to the regional manager came from the receptionist, who couldn’t figure out how to fit the new title on Gil’s new card.

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