Mumbo jumbo/paradox

While many non-believers are skeptical of the ways of saging and believe its cleansing powers are a bunch of mumbo jumbo and hocus pocus, I often implore them to see the truth about sage and to try and understand its rich history of purification.  According to, sage was used by Native Americans and shamanic cultures to remove negative energy from a space.  In our modern times, using sage to depurgate one’s new-old rustic chic Astoria bedroom of any lingering remnants of “bad karma” may at first seem like a paradox and maybe even antiquated for the 21st century, but I often assure these naysayers that their naysaying could be countered by simply saging it!

Like many before him, he had fallen victim to the Paradox of the Prank: though he felt disgust and confusion during the phone call that exposed him to the inner mumbo jumbo of a drunken party girl, moments after hanging up he found himself consumed by romantic thoughts and matrimonial daydreams of the elusive Dana Dean.

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