Moratory/steadfast (the big comeback)

Thankfully, the IRS granted me moratory and I am allowed to pay back the money I owe them on a payment plan, although my beliefs on the tax system are as steadfast as Ron Swanson’s, who once said: “My dream is to have the park system privatized and run entirely for profit by corporations, like Chuck E. Cheese. They have an impeccable business model. I would rather work for Chuck E. Cheese.”

Jenne’s catch-up
As you live these Water Street days on the tenterhooks of reality, listening to incessant balderdash of the fledglings that surround you, please don’t fall into the enormous black hole of the working man. Instead, bare it while you must to avoid moratory proceedings, but be sure to oppugn the working day and your lesser coworkers passively, aggressively. I say that you must futz around to the utmost degree! You must play devil’s advocate, never ceasing to ask why, even if just to highlight for your own amusement the hodgepodge of idiotic behaviors that you witness each day! Let the irascible dolphin within you out, but only during the most important and intimate of business meetings.

Through each deadening phone call, each emotionless exchange of statistics, each mindless discussion in the elevator, hold tight to the creativity you generate in your life after 4pm! You must remain sentient of kindred spirits that exist by the lorry-load outside these office walls! Imagine the canorous voices of those on the streets below your office window, and incorporate them into adapted screenplays in your mind while you are supposed to be creating spreadsheets and making business calls! Dapple your cubicle with intricate muralsmade of painted macaroni, carefully pieced together into Hawaiian landscapes; cats making silly faces; and the calmest, coolest, most simpatico of friends. Refuse to live a life of steadfast praxis. Trust the universe and know that hey, you just haven’t found your métier yet. And perhaps you never will. Perhaps it doesn’t matter. Perhaps you could go on working anywhere forever if you always manage to hold onto yourself. As they say, why not?!

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One Response to Moratory/steadfast (the big comeback)

  1. peen says:

    Miguel was not amused and remained steadfast in his opinion that while toenail shavings may not be considered an adequate breakfast, it was a little harsh for his mother to place a moratory on eating them altogether.

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