This once holy day, which traditionally marked St. Patrick’s banishment of all the snakes in Ireland, has now lost its religious affiliation and is celebrated by quaffing Guinness stout, the wearing of green, and eating leprechaun candy.

Happy St. Patty’s!!!!

(I’m the only one here wearing green…nerd!)

After being mistaken for a leprechaun, the stout door-to-door peanut butter salesman decided to cut his sales route short that day. He took a sharp left heading straight towards O’Flannery’s Watering Hole, where he spent the day’s remaining hours quaffing and seeking salvation (and a growth potion) at the bottom of a glass.

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One Response to Leprechaun/Quaff

  1. peen says:

    Perhaps if Ernest hadn’t spent his entire childhood quaffing a concoction of coffee grinds, toadstools, and butter, his bodily proportions would be greater than that of a tiny little leprechaun…but alas, he did and so he is small and wears a red beard and funny hat.

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