Bianca (plus catch-up):
This morning, I spent 30 corybantic minutes searching in vain for my deodorant, when finally, moments after I vociferatedlike the caterwaul of a rabid werewolf, I found my Sweet Spring Secret nectar-smelling deodorant, and will now spend my day smelling like a Grecian goddess of old.

For each morning that I — disorganized, disheveled, dissatisfied — spent in corybantic leaps across my bedroom in search of a work outfit that wasn’t wrinkled, ugly, or dirty, Mr. Funnyshoes –calm, still, vain–would silently sit staring into the mirror, admiring his own almond-shaped eyes, full coat, and pin-straight whiskers; how I miss catching a glimpse of him reminding me that you just gotta love you, man. You just gotta love you.

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