As the sun was rising, I felt it apposite to start singing a song of morning glory by Sufjan Stevens.

Over the years, I have accrued many nuggets of wisdom from my father, the most important being: “don’t be weird.”

The arrogant, self righteous founder of the Save the Dolphins Foundation spent his lifetime dedicated to the betterment of dolphins’ lives–working sleepless nights, ignoring accrued vacation days, and relentlessly striking down and verbally abusing dolphin haters. I found it rather apposite that he found out what they were really like on that fateful day he fell into the dolphin lagoon at the Kahala Resort.

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One Response to Apposite/accrue

  1. peen says:

    As the doctor’s hand plunged into my rectum he must have thought it apposite to wiggle his fingers in my anal cavity. Perhaps he thought doing so would show off all of the medical knowledge he worked so hard to accrue…which, actually, it did.

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